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Award Winning Collective Elemental Wellness Center in San Jose has a "Cooking with Cannabis" class that is growing fast and the reason is Executive Chef Gabriel! He is fantastic at the craft he does by keeping it very entertaining, but giving solid information at the same time. He makes sure you can go home and be able to implement his recipes or even put your own twist on it. He will always show different ways to infuse cannabis in your daily cannabis lifestyle! read more

Featured Products

"CannaMin For Life and Mom Approved!"

CannaMin is a non-psychoactive cannabis beverage packed with raw CBDa & THCa Cannabinoids. These Cannabinoids help regulate the body's circulatory, digestive, regulatory, nervous and immune systems. Made from raw organic cannabis extract & juices from seasonal fruits and vegetables such as bananas, apples, carrots, ginger, kale, love and blueberries. read more

"I Choose No More Dabs in My Life, because it is Changing the Positives to Negatives to Outsiders, Pushing Out the Love We Built Up and Hurting People in Our Cannabis Community with a Controlled Substance!" ~ PapaG

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"Spreading the Word about the Positive Pot Lifestyle!"
I Love Pot Clothing is a "Pot Positive" clothing company from Ontario, California. They believe in the positive affects that pot can have. This is why their products are marked with the "Support the Cure" on the tag. Some of their proceeds go to breast cancer research, which we thought was an amazing thing when we read it. Keep up the the positive vibes with I love Pot Clothing! Support Cancer today read more

"Keep Your Pipes Fresh and Your Smoke Tasting Great!"

Pipe Wipes are a uniquely designed cleaning pads that will help, in the maintenance, to keep your piece clean on the go, at home, or at the office. They are really simple to use and leave no odor or residue on your pieces. They are safe on your glass, plastics and metals, with a quick and hassle free drying time. read more

Recent Event Attended

    April 20th, 2013 the cali420ian Crew had a great time on Hippie Hill for 4/20, met great people and was even in a video! I wonder where we will be this year?

The Cali Cup 2013 was brought to you by Chronic Avengers, Swisher Streets, and Hosted by SoCal Meen Green MonsterBud. We joined them for this history making event January 27th 2013. A lot of great people made this event and all we can say is you better make it to next years Cali Cup 2014. 






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